Magnus Dahlgren

Hello, I’m Magnus Dahlgren

Freelance Agile Team Coach, Scrum Master & Facilitator

I am available from 2 January

London (UK) or remote

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Agile Facilitation

I love creating and running effective workshops and meetings that deliver results.

Regardless of whether people are in the same room or remote.

Some examples:

  • Team initiations / kick-offs
  • Sprint planning meetings & reviews
  • Sprint or project retrospectives
  • User story mapping
  • Bespoke workshops and meetings based on your specific needs

Agile Coaching & Mentoring

I help teams find ways of working that work for them and set them off on their journey of continuous improvement.

Some examples:

  • Introducing agile concepts and tools
  • Coaching teams move beyond “agile as a checklist”
  • Individual coaching and mentoring of Scrum Masters and agile team members
  • Helping teams assess their own working practices and identify opportunities to improve

Short-term Scrum Master

I have more than a decade of Scrum Master experience and can help you and your team!

Some examples:

  • Temporary cover while your Scrum Master is away
  • Scrum Master for the duration of a short project
  • An experienced Scrum Master for the first few sprints when a team are just getting started with Scrum
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Get in touch!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you are interested in how I may be able to help you, or if you have feedback or comments on anything I’ve published on this blog.

The latest from my Scrum Master Blog:

Some of my older blog posts, republished

Recycling symbol

Before starting this latest incarnation of my blog, I was blogging in a couple of different places. Judging from the traffic, some of those posts still seem valuable to people so I’ve decided to move them here. That way, they won’t disappear when I shut down my older sites.

Rather than rewriting them as I would have using my most current lens, I’ve decided to just post them as-is. So, withour further ado, here are some older posts of mine...

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I’m going freelance!

I’m going freelance

November will bring a big change for me.

When I finish my current position, I will be taking my agile coaching and facilitation freelance.

I’m a bit nervous but also absolutely thrilled about this opportunity to use my 12 years of agile experience to help as many teams as I can.

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Do some target practice in your next retrospective

... and get your printable “shooting target” here

Shooting targets used in a retrospective

Regardless of whether you use a print-out (for example using my template below :) or draw one on a whiteboard, a shooting target can be a simple but versatile tool for scoring pretty much anything in your retrospectives.

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