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Let’s do this! Again.

I used to blog quite a bit about Scrum and Agile a couple of years ago. My old blog is still there, in all its glory. But then I stopped. It wasn’t so much a conscious decision. Instead, it was just that the gap between posts grew. A week became a month, became a year, became two.

Recently, I have started to miss it, though. I enjoy writing and as someone who also enjoys reading about others’ experiences, it only seems right that I make the effort to share mine.

That’s why I’m starting blogging again today.

This time around, my intention is to try and focus on practices, techniques and actionable takeaways. As much as possible, the articles will be based on my own, first-hand experiences. Agile may be a mindset but at the end of the day, it’s how we apply that mindset that matters. It’s not through thinking, but through doing, we can be successful. Or learn along the way.

Welcome to Magnus’ Scrum Master blog, take 2!

by Magnus Dahlgren

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